Thursday, April 29, 2010

Persian Galls in Fashion

This is something that I had in mind, to make a list of all the Iranians who their work is related to fashion...
This is Mitra Farahmand and I saw her picture in Purple dairy, I wish that she had a site or something. I just know that she is a photographer.

This photo is taken by Olivier Zahm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oscar, An Education

I have not seen this years Oscar show, but as you can imagine I've seen the dresses that the actresses and Robert Downey Jr wore as no other man than Sherlock, knows how to attend a red carpet.
This years choice was easy this girl who I did not know her name was the winner,
the Black Prada dress with kitchen utilities on it is clever. it's the most feminine and conceptual shit that everyone has ever-worn within this two years on a read carpet, as you readers can imagine that two years in fashion is a heck of a long time.

Finally last night I saw the movie which I had no idea the girl that I adored was playing the lead role, yes I know that by that time you are all judging me... but accept it that no one who loves fashion can watch the movies that are stolen and have low qualities, If I was I'd be in love with United Colors of Benetton. so I waited for the better stolen version. And mean while I would not read any reviews or magazines because they ruin it all. "yes ladies you can not judge a book by it's cover but you can not read it if the cover smells or it greasy".

Finally, The movie was great not better than "stranger than fiction" which I saw for the fourth time last night, but the costume design of the "An Education" was breath taking, the mens style was too classic and there was a blue scarf which is now in my "I wish I had" list, And the references of the clothe was too this season, (Please accept my apology, cause I know that we do not love this seasons or any other seasons cloth, we just love the clothe, and remember that the cloth are not something to cover our junk)

I've talke too much And I'm tired,

The new Inspiration

This Thom Browne guy seems to have it all, he's a Reference and yet he is new,
Do you know that he goes jugging every morning in the Central Park, I've seen him on the and he is good.
This picture is the one that Inspires me. good for him...

Facebook, go to hell.... Love Balenciaga

I've really tried for the second time to post my pictures in Facebook and it failed to make it up.
You know what, when I go to Facebook I'm naked, and not in a good Italian way, it's dramatically naked like those old villages that the widows know everything about the neighborhood. It's just freaky and so not modern.

Speaking of modern, If I was a girl Balenciaga would be my first choice of cloth.
So here are my favorite look at Balenciaga, I would wear this expensive creatures to everywhere.

This is why I was in desperate need to marry a king...

I would walk into the garden of our palace wearing this...

This one for when it rains