Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Victor&Rolf next to Kris Von Assche!

I told you that I've had fun using style studio of the H&M brand.
This is playing with the designers looks :)! lol
Kries Von Assche and Victor and Rolf were my first thoughts!

And also I've found a great Journalist "Colin McDowell", I found these two sentences interesting to remember later!

As Balenciaga said of his customers, a woman who can wear any and all designers knows nothing about fashion, or herself, at all. It is the same for designers. If they produce any or all styles they have no personal style at all. The sad thing is that I am sure it doesn't have to be like this.

Where I live in London there are plenty of cool young guys who look great … but very few of the ideas in their dress originated on the catwalks of this city.

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